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Earthling Ed’s Warning of what’s to come in global health

Earthling Ed’s Warning of what’s to come in global health.

For those in the animal rights space, you will know Ed Winters as ‘Earthling Ed’.

Earthling Ed is a global speaker on animal rights and advocacy and is a thoughtful and intelligent speaker in the space. We are big fans of Ed’s work including his wonderful Disclosure Podcast and his various talks from around the world, at places such as Oxford University and Google to name just a few.

Just this week, Ed has put out his take on the current global health crisis, stating that without change, things are only going to get worse. When Ed speaks we generally listen, and this video was no exception. Take a look at the video below and leave a comment as to what you think of his thoughts and that of the world health organisation.

So what did you think of Earthling Ed’s Warning video? If you would like to see more of Earthling Ed’s work be sure to follow his Instagram Account here. Otherwise to see more activism and advocacy work, be sure to take a look at our activism page here for even more ways to campaign and advocate for better animal rights and causes.


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