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Eat For The Planet campaign by JUST

Eat For The Planet campaign by JUST

JUST are a food company from San Fransisco that does plant-based food & drinks. 

JUST were founded in 2011 with a fairly audacious mission:

“We’re searching faster and further, working with rural farmers, Michelin-starred chefs, and world-class product developers to find tools in the plant kingdom that will make our food tastier, healthier, and more sustainable.”
Fast forward to 2020 and they have just released an Earth Day campaign targeting the need to look at food and what we eat as a serious (the most serious) component of environmentalism. We are in agreeance with them on this issue and wanted to share the campaign and a little about what they do.


The Campaign

Eat for the planet. #EarthEveryDay

Our mission at JUST is to build a better food system for everyone. That means a sustained commitment to our planet — yesterday, today, and every day after.



For all the important actions being done for the planet, the food you eat can be the most impactful. Yesterday was #EarthDay, but now we commit to #EarthEveryDay, because every day you get three votes for our planet: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Follow us for tips, tools, and resources on how to eat for the planet.



Here is a little look at the JUST product range for those who haven’t yet seen what they have on offer.



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