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Everyday people taste test plant based V2Foods Meat

Everyday people taste test plant based V2Foods Meat

Everyday people taste test plant based V2Foods Meat.

V2Food is an Australian plant-based business that is pushing the envelope on what and how good plant-based meat can be. Having started in the fast-food sector providing the plant-based patties for the Hungry Jacks Vegan Range, V2 has now launched their packaged product into hundreds of supermarkets around the country.

Based on the sales and the responses you will see below, it’s clear that the product is connecting with its audience, and that audience isn’t just vegans but instead hesitant meat-eaters and the flexitarian market too.

Free burgers for all

To kick off the Aussie summer V2Food gave away a ton of free burgers to those lucky enough to attend on the day! Check out what people thought of the plant-based v2burgers in the video below. Here are just some of the comments from first time ‘samplers’:

“tastes like meat”
“tastes like beef”
“I’m a meat eater and this is just as good as a meat pattie, seriously!”
“just tastes like a normal burger”

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