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Hungry Jacks’ Jack Cowin is going all in on plant based meat

Hungry Jacks’ Jack Cowin is going all in on plant based meat

Hungry Jacks’ Jack Cowin is going all in on plant-based meat.

Jack Cowin the man who brought the whopper to Australia is moving into plant-based meat in a big way. Hungry Jacks the beef-centric fast-food giant here in Australia has already seen a huge demand for their range of vegan and plant-based alternatives to traditional beef burgers. Earlier this year they even introduced a vegan breakfast option into the mix,  and from all accounts, this is just the beginning.

The man behind the franchise Billionaire Jack Cowin has now gone a step further in the move to introduce more plant-based options. Cowin has been working with both private investment and the CSIRO to develop a company called V2Food. V2Food is developing its own range of plant-based meat as a direct competitor to recently stock exchange-listed Beyond Meat.

Cowin, who is no dummy when it comes to lasting trends and good business can clearly see that plant-based is here to stay. Cowin also points out not only the trend but just how good the plant-based alternatives really are stating recently “people won’t be able to tell the difference”. He is even envisioning the export and sale of the product overseas in the very foreseeable future.

With the current forecast of the sector (alternative protein) worth an estimated 2.2 billion dollars locally, you are going to want to watch this space!

To read more about vegan and plant-based developments in the food space then be sure to take a look at our Vegan Eats section here for more,


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