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Game Changers can transform your health says James Wilks

Game Changers can transform your health says James Wilks.

Well, the consensus is in, The Game Changers really is changing the game since it’s launch on Netflix and globally this year.  It’s been a buzz on social sites, review sites and has even had influential figures like Joe Rogan try to ‘debunk’ it.

Whether you agree with the facts in the film or not, you can’t argue the effect it is having on the vegan movement. People everywhere are now looking to try this crazy vegan thing out, and we couldn’t be happier.

With this kind of interest, even small changes will be having big effects on the animals, the planet and their health.

This week the star of the show Jame Wilks spoke to ‘This Morning’ in Britain about the movie and the effect these changes can have on you.

Take a look below.

And if you haven’t seen or heard about this wonderful documentary, take a look below at the official trailer:

So what are you waiting for, log on to Netflix and get watching!

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