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How to cook V2Food Plant Based Mince

How to cook V2Food Plant Based Mince

How to cook V2Food Plant Based Mince

There has been a great deal of excitement over the recent rollout of the V2Food product range into 600 + Woolworths supermarkets across the country. The company which originally came about through a collaboration between the CSIRO and entrepreneur Jack Cowin (of Hungry Jacks fame) is now moving full steam ahead to becoming a household name both locally and abroad.

The product was originally just being used in the hospitality industry with the very successful launch of the Rebel Whopper & Vegan Cheeseburger at Hungry Jacks using the plant-based product. They have also partnered with Marley Spoon, Soul Burger & Deliveroo on various promotions.

But now they are releasing their mince and burger patties into the market for the everyday plant-based warrior to enjoy! For this reason, we thought we would take a look at how to cook this new and innovative product and also take a look at a review from That Vegan Dad, Jack Rock as well.


How to cook it


Here is a quick video thanks to V2Food that will show you just how easy it is to cook with their plant-based mince.

One line we loved from the above video was:

“Change your impact on the planet without sacrificing the great taste of meat that we all know and love. It’s easy to cook and a perfect choice for all your favourite meals.”


What did That Vegan Dad think of the product?


That Vegan Dad is a regular reviewer of all things vegan in Australia. Take a look below at his recent review of the V2 Food range.


Where can you find it?

V2 Mince is now available at both Coles and Woolworths here in Australia, so you can easily find it at your local supermarket today!

So are you ready to try your hand at cooking V2Food Plant-Based mince or burgers? If so jump down to your local supermarket and grab a packet today. We would love to hear your thoughts and see your creations too! Be sure to let us know at

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