May Contain Traces of Soy podcast

May Contain Traces of Soy podcast

May Contain Traces of Soy podcast.

Last September, when Brisbane-based podcaster Rochelle Lindquist made a concerted effort to generate less waste and eliminate all traces of animal-derived products from her diet, she also developed a voracious appetite for vegan podcasts.

Whilst she found them great and still listens to a number of them today, she said that reading about level-five vegans pontificating over whether driving a vehicle is a non-vegan-friendly practice, because the vulcanised rubber in car tyres may contain animal fats could feel more like admonishment than encouragement for someone taking their first steps (and we agree). 

“I started listening to some vegan podcasts and I was really enjoying them,” Ms Lindquist said. “I tried to find some podcasts where there was no judgment for people who are starting out on their vegan and sustainability journeys.”

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