New podcast to tackle climate change

New podcast to tackle climate change

Here at Let’s Go Vegan we like to stay in our lane and focus on the vegan movement and all that it encompasses here in Australia. So when we see information or news on climate change and sustainability, whilst we are huge advocates for it we very often leave it to those who focus specifically on those topics and focus on vegan food and lifestyle. On occasion, though these two things cross over in a very meaningful way, and this is one of them.

This week Nova Entertainment announced and launched a brand new podcast called A Positive Climate Podcast which as you can tell by the name will focus on positive steps we can take to help reduce climate change across the world.

The podcast is hosted by experts in the cleantech sector, Nick Zeltzer and Alex McIntosh, who are flipping the script on climate change. Through interviews with inspiring people driving positive change and looking at inventions and products to tackle climate change, the podcast provides a platform to help everyone have a more positive impact on the planet.

Season One of A Positive Climate will be looking at waste eating maggots, turning beer into electricity, battery-powered planes and innovative businesses seeking to eliminate single-use plastics.

What we were really excited about was the fact that their first guest for episode one is Nick Hazell, CEO of v2Food, the plant-based meat developed in Australia. For this reason alone we will be giving this one a good hard listen this week and encouarge anyone who hasnt heard the  V2Foods story to do the same! In fact, we have made it easy for you…just take a listen here below:

The podcast brings together the wealth of experience Zeltzer and McIntosh have in the cleantech sector. Zeltzer is an innovation junkie with the ultimate respect for the founders of Australian startups. He is also passionate about electric vehicles, having helped direct funding to the first ultra-rapid charging network in Australia, Chargefox. McIntosh has worked on a number of pumped hydro and battery projects within Australia and sees storage as a key piece of the puzzle in Australia’s transition to renewable energy. More recently, she is focused on the quickly developing hydrogen industry which provides Australia with unique potential to be an exporter of clean, not fossil-fueled energy.

We are super excited to see this podcast go from strength to strength and we would love to hear your thoughts on episode one below.

If you would like to discover more vegan-focused podcasts, be sure to take a look at our podcast section here.

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