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NFL Quarterback Cam Newton goes vegan for performance & recovery

NFL Quarterback Cam Newton goes vegan for performance & recovery

NFL quarterback Cam Newton is going plant-based!

Check out the latest video from the Vlogs of Cam Newton, NFL superstar, and absolute dynamo. In his latest video, he talks about recovering from a shoulder injury and improving tone and strength.  It’s fantastic to see elite athletes taking on a vegan diet to perform at their peak. If it’s good enough for elite athletes, then why can’t it be of huge benefit to the average person? Perhaps it can.

Not only is he a pretty epic NFL player, he is also a prolific content creator and entertainer, be sure to follow his Youtube channel here for more on Newton!

If you would like to learn more about how athletes are using the power of the plant-based diet then we also suggest you check out the popular Netflix documentary The Game Changers. The documentary shows a plethora of athletes who have discovered (and reaped the rewards) of moving towards the Wholefood Plant-Based Diet for performance on and off the field.  It’s an awesome watch and you are sure to learn a ton about the world of plant-based performance!

For more documentary ideas and videos like this one from NFL quarterback Cam Newton, visit our vegan documentary page here.


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