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Phil Neville – ex Manchester United coach and professional player on Veganism

Phil Neville – ex Manchester United coach and professional player on Veganism

Phil Neville is a former professional footballer, ex-Manchester United coach and now coach of the English Women’s team. Phil sat down with PETA to discuss the vegan lifestyle and his initial misconceptions about its nutritional benefits and the stigma surrounding it.

He now admits to understanding the benefits of the lifestyle and the ease of getting all the nutrients necessary to perform at his peak. He also talks about the benefit to the environment and the animals in doing so.

We love seeing those in elite level sport spouting the benefits of the plant-based vegan lifestyle for two major reasons.

  1. It shows that its the optimum nutritional diet for elite performance
  2. They are role models for so many people that what they say and what they eat, matters!

Now take a look for yourself at the video below featuring ex Manchester coach and professional player, Phil Neville 🙂

Video Notes

Manchester United coach and former England footballer Phil Neville talks about health, happiness and going vegetarian. He shares his distress at the thought of the millions of animals slaughtered every day for food and explains how easy it is to get all the nutrients and protein that he needs from plants — and how much better he feels, physically and mentally, now that his diet is meat-free! Learn more: http://petauk.org/philneville

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed the video and would like to see more high-profile, vegan advocates, be sure to check out our vegan celebrity page here for more.


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