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Why I’m Vegan by Moby

Why I’m Vegan by Moby

Why I’m Vegan by Moby.

Many of you will know of Moby from his extensive musically career and large body of work including hit songs like Porcelain, Raining Again, We Are All Made Of Stars, Go, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad & many others.

What many people may not know is that Moby is also a prolific animal rights activist and supporter. Moby has been campaigning for animal rights for decades and even has a 100% plant-based eatery in LA called Little Pine.

In his TED Talk recorded in 2018 Moby gives us all just a few of the reasons that he went vegan and why he went into animal activism and advocacy.

It’s a different side to the musician that most people don’t see, but for anyone who has been following Moby, you will know that animal rights are his drive and passion. In recent years Moby has even tattooed his body with various animal rights tattoos including the words ‘Vegan For Life’. Along his arms, he has the words ‘Animal Rights’ inscribed. Whether you love or hate the music and work that Moby does, there is no doubt that he is a passionate and dedicated animal rights advocate, take a look at the video below and we hope you enjoy the talk.

Enjoy the talk: Why I’m Vegan by Moby.

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