Podcasts we are listening to this week

Podcasts we are listening to this week

After the launch of the Seaspiracy Documentary on Netflix this week, many of us have a renewed interest in digesting more vegan, plant-based, and environmental knowledge in our lives (I know we are certainly hungry for more). With this renewed sense of inquisitiveness, we thought we would explore just a few of the new podcast shows and episodes of previously mentioned shows that we are getting into or discovering this week. As always we are open to any ideas, suggestions, or tips for future articles so please let us know of any amazing vegan podcasts you think should be included. Until then, here are just a few we found this week.

1. Sentient Media Podcast


Sentient Media is a nonprofit news organization that reports on farmed animals, our broken food system, justice, the environment, culture, and more. They recently started a podcast in early 2021 and in episode 2 just released chat to Damien Mander, an anti-poacher activist and vegan from Australia. He has an incredible story and does amazing work, this is certainly worth a listen! Enjoy below.


2. Plant Proof with Drew Harrisberg


Plant Proof aka Simon Hill has one of the best-known vegan podcasts going around, and it’s easy to see why, with Simon’s nutritional knowledge combined with his ability to pick and interview some of the best minds in the business.

In the latest episode, he chats about his new book and about getting on top of pain before it strikes the body.

Take a listen to the full episode below.


3. Rich Roll Podcast with Julie Piatt


Rich Roll chats to his wife Julie Piatt about owning your truth and a whole lot of life lessons. Rich is an ultra-athlete and host of the hugely popular Rich Roll Podcast. He also has a best-selling book called Finding Ultra as plus many other things going on!


4. Viva Podcast with OGGS founder Hannah Carter


OGGS has launched the UK’s first liquid egg alternative and since its launch, has saved over 500,000 eggs from commercial use. In this podcast episode, you will hear about Hannah’s journey and her mission to help make the food industry drastically more sustainable.


5. The Plant Paradigm Podcast with Dr. Michael Klaper


This episode of The Plant Paradigm Podcast is a must-listen if you’re interested in the topic of nutrition, and in particular water fasting, as the episode really dives into the particulars of how what, and why.


6. The Planty Podie with Sport Nutritionist TJ Waterfall.

The Planty Podie is a podcast hosted by vegan advocate Chloe Garnham. In this fantastic podcast series, she interviews everyone from well-known physicians such as Dr. Klaper, and Dr. Esselstyn to vegan influencers, athletes, and in the most recent episode sports nutritionist TJ Waterfall.

Listen to the latest episode to hear her chat on the following topics:

    • Plant protein vs animal protein with a specific calculation for those wishing to build more muscle
    • Amino acids
    • The best sources of calcium, iron, B12, and Omega 3
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Gut health and how it affects both performance and recovery
    • The affect of animal products on the body
    • Athletic performance and how, what we eat can impact our fitness
    • Scientific information showing how we can improve recovery times
    • And so much more!


Final Thoughts

So we hope this will give you plenty of listening material to sink your teeth into as we enter the long Easter weekend.

As mentioned, if you have a podcast you think we should feature, be sure to let us know.

Until next time, check out our other Podcast Articles Here for more!



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