Seaspiracy and the facts around the new documentary

Seaspiracy and the facts around the new documentary

Seaspiracy and the facts around the new documentary.

Since the huge launch and success of the Netflix Seaspiracy documentary last month, many people and organizations have rushed to debunk and downright bring down the film due to some of the incredible facts that the film manages to bring to light.

For many of us, the revelations in the film are hard to watch and incredibly difficult to swallow. What is clear from the film is that what we are doing is not sustainable and that serious change is needed in order to keep our oceans going into the future.

What we wanted to do in this feature, is look at some of the huge bombshells that the film exposed and show just how necessary huge change is needed. For those who haven’t yet seen the film, here is a brief trailer, and be sure to set some time aside to watch this incredible film in full.

One thing is clear, the planet & our oceans need us more than ever before.

The documetary does a great job in making these huge statistics digestible and understandable whilst offering up a number of solutions to the problem, the main one being the obvious, STOP EATING FISH. We think everyone should watch and review for themselves, but we certainly give it our tick of approval.

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