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Shannon Martinez on Vegan Masterchef week

Shannon Martinez on Vegan Masterchef week

Shannon Martinez on Vegan Masterchef week

Last night thousands of people around Australia tuned in to watch guest chef Shannon Martinez (Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli) join the judges and cooks on Australian Masterchef.  Shannon is a legend in the vegan community with two eateries in Fitzroy and a number of successful cookbooks.

So you would guess she is a die-hard vegan herself right? Well, what some people may not know is that Shannon isn’t actually vegan herself, but credits this fact to be able to successfully cook incredible vegan food for vegans and meat-eaters alike.

Vegan Goes Mainstream

On last night’s episode, Shannon joined the judges to put the Masterchef contestants to the test of producing a quality vegan dish. The contestants did a fantastic job of showing just how good vegan food is and we were very impressed with the entire show.

The best part was seeing the vegan word and way of life being normalized through mainstream coverage and exposure. The contestants seemed to all be on board with the challenge too which was great.

See Shannon before the show as she discusses her tips for epic vegan cooking.

The Dishes

Now, here’s what went down on the Vegan Masterchef challenge. Below are some of the dishes that we loved and thought truly brought out the best in the contestants. The first was Reece’s vegan cake which literally had us salivating at the screen.

Reece’s Vegan Cake was a carrot cake with beetroot caramel dressing and a cream cheese ice-cream Shannon remarked ‘a perfect cake’. See more of it in the video below.

Jess – Jess ingeniously created the incredible ‘Room For Celeriac’. This creation was a caramel pinenut fudge on the bottom celeriac sorbet, made from cream cheese.

We thought RFC was one of the highest best dishes on show in our humble opinion and wouldn’t have looked out of place at a fine dining establishment.

See how she put it together below.

Some of the other dishes included Tess’s sweet potato skewer, Poh’s sweet potato pastry with chilli beetroot ketchup & a seitan stir fry,  Brandon’s dumplings with betroot & garlic dressing and finally Simon’s celeriac tacos with grilled pine mushrooms and aquafaba skin!

Our thoughts

So as you can see, there was plenty of amazing food and creativity on show in last nights vegan challenge. We hope that Australia got to see just how incredible vegan cooking can really be and that it ain’t just lettuce & kale!

So next time it says vegan, give it a shot because hey, you might just love it!

So what did you all think of last night’s Vegan Masterchef Challenge? Be sure to leave a comment below.

For more amazing vegan dishes and recipes, just like the ones from the show, be sure to visit our vegan recipe section here for more.

Happy vegan cooking.



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