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The Great Australian Plant-Based BBQ

The Great Australian Plant-Based BBQ

The Great Australian Plant-Based BBQ

With summer in Australia on our doorstep, we thought now would be a great time to revisit and rethink the great Australian BBQ.

Traditionally vegetarians and vegans were thought to be the BBQ killers and wet blankets of the holiday season, well not anymore. This year the local supermarkets are filled to the brim with plant-based meat alternatives so good, the meat-eaters will be stumped to tell the chop from the chickpea.

What’s great is not only the range of brands, varieties, and flavours but the availability within the large chain supermarkets. No more rifling through the back section of some dirty health food store!

So what’s on the menu this summer? Here are just a few of the options you will find at Coles & Woolworths.


Naturli 100% plant-based mince


Veggie Delights Nutmeat (Woolworths)


Bean Supreme Hemp Burger (Woolworths)


VEEF Plant-Based Burger Patties

Plant Asia – Plant-Based Roast Duck

Nextgen2 Plant-Based Burgers

The Beyond Meat Burger


The Alternative Meat Co.

The Herb & Sons range


And there are so many more! Know a brand that deserves to be hitting the grill this holiday season? Let us know at today.

If you enjoyed this article on The Great Australian Plant-Based BBQ then be sure to check out our BBQ section here for recipes to cook up over the summer!


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  2. Veef
    June 4, 2020 at 2:43 am

    So many delicious options!