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James Aspey takes us all vegan meat shopping

Vegan meat shopping is the future!

James Aspey is one of Australia’s most well known and definitely most well-liked vegan advocates. Even when confronting the hardest of meat-eaters, James has an uncanny ability to befriend, connect, and influence those he meets.

James has spoken out against animal abuse through his speaking as well as his non-speaking (he did a year in silence for the animals).

He is now known not just for speaking tours and well-produced videos, but also for going on the front lines to protest, question, and speak out against the horrific treatment of animals around the world.

Within this latest video, Aspey takes the audience through a very typical Australian supermarket to show just how easy it is to get vegan / plant-based meat from the supermarket in 2020.

For all those who say going vegan is too hard, be sure to send them a copy of this video where James walks us all through what’s on offer and just how delicious it is!

Vegan in 2020

In 2020 the vegan and plant-based meat space is so well catered for, there is simply no longer a need not to eat vegan. Why purchase beef made from cow or chicken made from…well chicken when there is a delicious alternative? The alternatives are made from plants, soy, mushroom, and a whole host of new and innovative ingredients for you to sink your teeth into.

If you would like to explore the brands and variety on offer, be sure to take a look at our recent article The Great Australian Plant-Based BBQ for inspiration!


So what are you waiting for?

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Otherwise, check out our videos section Here for more vegan videos.


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