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The 4 things they don’t tell you about going vegan!

Thinking of Going Vegan? Well before you do it’s always good to hear from others about what you need to know and what you can expect from the journey.


In the below video, Nikki Vegan discusses (bluntly :)) all the things they don’t tell you before you go vegan.

Some of the topics include:

1. Bloating

2. How easy it is to switch to a plant-based diet!

3. How much animals would change my life!

4. Sense of purpose


Here’s what the video author Nikki had to say about the video:

“4 things no one tells you about going vegan – open and honest from my experience. I get a little emotional on tips 3 and 4, just FYI! 1. Dealing with gas and bloating on a vegan diet. Tips from my own experience, as well as from Mic the Vegan and Dr. Gregor. 2. How easy it is to switch to a plant based diet! A whole foods plant based diet can be simple, even when traveling if you keep it simple and try to be prepared. 3. I never realized how much the animals would change my life! I went vegan for my health, I’ve stayed vegan for the animals. 4. If you’re looking for a sense of purpose, need a confidence boost, new hobby or passion project, go vegan! I’m telling you, it’s majorly increased my self esteem and my sense of purpose because I make informed choices every single day that I can feel good about it. Hope you enjoy this video and let me know if you’ve had similar experiences :)”

Now let’s take a look at the video and what to expect when embarking on your vegan journey!

What did you think of the video? What have been your experiences of going vegan or vegetarian? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Until next time, Let’s Go Vegan!


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