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Three complimentary side dishes for any vegan BBQ

Three complimentary side dishes for any vegan BBQ

Three complimentary side dishes for any vegan BBQ

Hey Readers!

Rach, here again, getting excited about Summer & sharing some BBQ recipes with you.

Summer in Australia is almost upon us. Time to get merry!
Beach days, warm nights, picnics & coconut-based ice cream.
Weekends will soon be consisting of BBQ’s, gatherings and all things outdoor, social and food-related.

To kick off Summer in Australia I wanted to share some great recipe ideas you can wow your guests with or take along to a party (vegans can party too)!  Even if you’re told not to bring a thing, bring a vegan meal so you can share how good vegan tastes. Never miss an opportunity to showcase some vegan food and prove it’s more than hummus & carrots.

Firstly, if you are invited to a BBQ and the host stipulates to not bring anything, always do. A plant-based version of the common favourites, like, sausages and hamburgers will be a hit. Blow them away with a vegan pav!

With all of the meat alternatives hitting the shelves and plant-based mince, you can make your own hamburgers or rissoles. If you haven’t already, try using ‘Funky Fields’ minced meat or if you can’t be bothered making anything there are plenty of packaged options you can find in the fridge section of your local supermarket.

See our list of meat options that can be found at your local supermarket.

We have had some amazing recipe creators within the vegan community contribute recipes to LGV so here are some ideas I have collated to accompany your BBQ meat or to bring along to a lunch or dinner.

Pasta salad– because you can never go wrong with pasta salad.

(click image to view recipe)

How about an impressive sweet potato, cranberry & brown rice salad.  The recipe provided is for one serve but ramp up the ingredients and you’ll have everyone around it!

(click image to view recipe)

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Who doesn’t love noodles? Combined? Dream team! Check out this Peanut Butter Noodle Salad.

(click image to view recipe)

It doesn’t end here. This is just a teaser, so go check out our recipe ideas for BBQs and gatherings.

If you have a side dish recipe you would like to share, please submit one here.

Happy BBQ-ing!

Peace, love & plant-based summers!

R x

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