This months FREE edition of Australian Vegans magazine

This months FREE edition of Australian Vegans magazine.

Australian Vegans is a vegan magazine that covers the landscape here in Australia and also abroad. As the vegan movement gains more and more traction here in Australia, magazines such as this are providing a voice for those living in the kindest and most ethical way.

What’s great is that they provide the magazine online for FREE and we wanted to share the link with you HERE. 


We think this is a fantastic way to get all of the wonderful vegan information out to the public. The publication looks into topics such as ethical leadership, sustainable future, healthy living, and of course animal advocacy. All of this is presented in a beautifully designed printed magazine that can be kept on coffee tables and shared with friends. We highly recommend checking out this fantastic publication for yourself!

We hope you enjoyed this write-up on this month’s free edition of australian vegans magazine. To access some of the previous editions, click HERE.

And if you would like to find out about more vegan resources just like this one, then check out our vegan education section here for more vegan knowledge.

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