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Tips for a vegan argument-free Chrismas

Tips for a vegan argument-free Chrismas

With the big day coming up we thought we would help you out and give you a few tried and true methods to avoid a Christmas family blow up. With a family of varying diets and beliefs, you are bound to discuss your choice to live a cruelty-free existence, and this takes some navigating.

Here are a few quick ways to ensure you don’t end up throwing tofu & ham across the table at each other.


Don’t push views onto others 

Over Christmas dinner or lunch is the time when that one Aunty or Uncle is sure to start ‘poking fun’ at this whole vegan thing. This is not necessary the time to go into full-on vegan sell mode. For many at the table, it may leave them in an uncomfortable position and not wanting to take sides. One great way to handle this situation is to simply state that it’s something you believe in, it’s something that has helped you get healthier and something you have checked by a doctor via a blood test. By stating all these facts, you leave little room for argument as you are not forcing anything on anyone and simply letting them know you are living a positive, healthy life.

Educate don’t preach 

If individuals want more information on veganism or plant-based living, be sure to educate rather than preach. Provide information, resources to check out and places to go in a fun and friendly way! By walking them through it rather than talking down to them, you will get people onside and listening. You can always just tell them to visit 🙂

Suggest an easy starting point for those interested, not a black or white ultimatum!

Don’t make veganism an impossible task for people.

If individuals are interested give them some starting ideas like a meatless Monday or replacing a particular food with a vegan alternative. This will make it far more likely for them to stick with the changes, rather than if you suggest they remove all animal products cold turkey. This is not to say that we don’t want them to go fully vegan, but we need to be mindful that for most people it’s a gradual process and journey. 

Make meals delicious!

Bring delicious vegan food! Nothing will help convince people of the greatness of veganism like an epic vegan donut, a vegan burger or a tasty vegan treat. Showing people that it ain’t just broccoli is a great step to opening them up to veganism. There are now so many amazing options even just at your local Coles or Woolworths. See their respective vegan ranges: Coles Vegan & Woolworths Vegan.

A clear takeaway idea.

Leave them with one clear take away such as trying one vegan meal next week or watching one documentary on the topic (Game Changers seems to be having an impact!). This is a way to not overwhelm people but to make it easy enough to explore veganism in a fun and friendly manner. Suggest sending them a link of one thing to watch or even a recipe to bake! Who knows, they might start sending you vegan ideas.

So there you go, a few little tips for surviving Christmas in a non-vegan household. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone.


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