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V2 Food launch new ad to take plant based to EVERYONE!

V2 Food launch new ad to take plant based to EVERYONE!

For those who are new to the plant-based and vegan space, we wanted to tell you a little about V2Food before jumping into the new ad campaign set to launch during Masterchef on the 22nd November 2021.

V2 Food is a venture brought together by CSIRO’s Main Sequence Ventures and Jack Cowin, the founder of Hungry Jacks here in Australia.

The company has been steadily growing its plant-based presence here in Australia with its mince and sausage products becoming popular products on the plant-based shelves of supermarkets around the country. The product is also the hero of many plant-based burgers around the place, including the vegan burger and Rebel Whopper at Hungry Jacks.

The company has now decided to run a large-scale ad campaign across television and digital and we think the timing is spot on, as the space is certainly heating up here in Australia.

The new ad uses the concept that we are all ‘taste-a-tarian’ a term coined to encompass all food preferences with a focus on taste. The ad showcases an eclectic family who all wants tasty food, whilst all having specific and unique ‘requirements for what is on their plate.

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