Vegan activist questions turkey farmer over Christmas campaign

Vegan activist questions turkey farmer over Christmas campaign.

Christmas can be a time of year when the topic of veganism is cast into the spotlight as family, friends and work colleagues host Christmas parties and dinners.  If you are a vegan, the topic will likely be brought up by at least one person over a meal this silly season. It can often lead to questions, opinions and even at times anger from those whose views may feel threatened or questioned. It’s usually a combination of dismissive comments such as ‘plants have feelings too’ and ‘well if we stopped eating cows then they would take over the planet :)”. It can also be hard-line questions about the effect of not farming animals and the plight of local or regional farmers. To summarise, it can be a minefield.

Whilst this type of questioning can often cause anger for those in the firing line, the way that Lucy Watson handles the questions and discussion in the video below is most likely the best method. She was calm, logical, and makes her points without resorting to aggression.

The video is a discussion with her and a local turkey farmer who this holiday season is welcoming families to meet their turkey(s) before they are slaughtered stuffed and presented on Christmas day to be eaten. For most of us, whether vegan, vegetarian, or simply a thoughtful person, this seems like an incredibly warped concept. The idea that you would want to meet the beautiful animal that’s set to be slaughtered for your simple dinner is bamboozaling.

To see the full video take a look at the ‘Vegan activist questions turkey farmer’ video below.


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