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Vegan Chocolate for your Easter Binge

Vegan Chocolate for your Easter Binge

Vegan Chocolate for your Easter Binge

Well, life may be a little different at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Easter needs to be! We wanted to compile a list of just some of the amazing Vegan & cruelty-free easter options available here in Australia. If you know of a brand or product we have left out, let us know in the comments below or email us at

BirdSnake Chocolates (Made in Melbourne)

Birdsnake was established late in 2018 by Fred Lullfitz, Bridget Amor and Mark Dundon. For the past 15 years Bridget & Mark have worked alongside coffee producers – purchasing, exporting and importing in Latin America, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience. Fred also started in coffee (over ten years ago) and has spent time living in Ecuador and Colombia, where his appreciation for high-quality Cacao began.

They use 3 ingredients in our Dark Chocolate. Cocoa beans, Sugar and Cocoa Butter. Here is their current range:

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Sweet William Vegan Chocolates & Eggs

Sweet William is exclusively Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free & Vegan! Enough said really! Here is a look at their range for the Easter period.

Treat Dreams

The speckled dark chocolate egg boasts a vanilla crème centre and offers a vegan take on the ever-popular Cadbury Crème Egg!

Many of the Treat Dreams product range are also gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and palm oil-free, meaning the range can cater to a wide array of dietary requirements and lifestyle choices this Easter.

This Easter the range will include 12 vegan, direct trade and fair-trade products including:

  • The return of last year’s coveted Dream Egg,
  • Limited Edition Easter Bunnies,
  • Dream Bars,
  • Dream Bears.

The range is available nationally through major stockists both in-store and online. (So Aussies don’t even need to leave their homes to stock-up on Easter deliciousness!)



NOMO’s Easter range will boast of three delicious flavours, including the NOMO Creamy Chocolate Egg, a free from egg but which still holds the indulgent creamy taste of milk choc. Secondly, the mouth-watering NOMO Caramel & Seasalt Chocolate Egg, a sensational mix of sweet caramel and sea salt mixed with an incredible creamy chocolatey taste. Last, but certainly not least, the tall dark and classic, Nomo Dark Chocolate Egg, made with 55% cocoa, it’s every dark chocolate lover’s dream.


Loving Earth

Boobook Chocolate Eggs

Cashew mylk chocolate eggs filled with a soft caramel centre.

The Boobook Chocolate eggs support the Great Forest National Park campaign; to declare the Mountain Ash forests to the east of Melbourne CBD, a National Park.


So there is our guide for the coming Easter period. As mentioned, if you have a suggestion you think needs to be added, please let us know in the comments below!

To read more about one of the featured brands Nomo, click HERE

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