Vegan Yoghurt Parfait

Vegan Yoghurt Parfait

King International is an Australian-based soy company with over 30 years of experience down under. The following recipe is in collaboration with King International. To see all of their wonderful products, visit them on Instagram Here.



● Kingland Greek Style Yoghurt in Natural

● 2x 125g punnets raspberries

● A squeeze of lemon juice

● 1 tsp powdered sugar

● ¼ cup granola of choice


1. In a blender, mix one punnet of raspberries, a squeeze of lemon juice and 1 tsp of powdered sugar.

2. Fill the bottom of two glasses with granola. Layer with yoghurt, a layer of the raspberry mixture, and another layer of yoghurt. Add fresh raspberries on top.

3. Optional: add some extra powdered sugar to a sieve and sprinkle over the parfaits


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