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Veganuary Campaign 2020

Veganuary Campaign 2020

Veganuary Campaign 2020.

Veganuary, for those who don’t know, is a campaign to get people to go vegan for one month during the month of (you guessed it) January!

The campaign is a colourful & positive initiative aimed at highlighting all the positive aspects of the vegan lifestyle (and there are many). Since 2014 over 500,000 have already participated in the initiative across 178 counties.

The campaign has the support of some pretty big hitters as well including Sir Paul Mccartney & Joaquin Phoenix.

So if you have been thinking about taking the leap into veganism, there’s never been a better time! The Veganuary campaign 2020 has your name all over it!

So now that you have all the facts, promotional material, and no how to promote Veganuary and other vegan advocacy, what will you do with it? We hope you will spread the message far and wide to anyone who will listen and engage with this important topic! We hope this was helpful and encourage you to encourage everyone to try Veganuary for themselves!

To see other successful vegan campaigns just like this one, be sure to visit our campaigns page here for more!

If you would like more information on the nutrition side of things we also have a dedicated nutrition area here that you can utilize 🙂

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