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Virtual Vegan Cooking Classes with Otao

Virtual Vegan Cooking Classes with Otao

Virtual Vegan Cooking Classes with Otao

Otao Kitchen Cooking School is a highly regarded culinary cooking school.

The kitchen is run and was founded by Chef Ha Nguyen and is located in inner-city Richmond in Melbourne.

He describes the venture which he founded in 2014 as such:

“Otao Kitchen aims to increase the accessibility of healthy food options with hands on cooking. Our  cooking classes offer you an intelligent, thoughtful and authentic cooking experience – that is fun, adventurous and suitable for people of all ages, teams, work party, backgrounds or levels of cooking skills. The skills you will learn are fully transferable to your own kitchen and we look forward to hearing and seeing what you create at home after the classes.”


We are thrilled to see through the period of lockdown and isolation that Otao Kitchen Cooking School has now launched virtual cooking classes, and they have one just for vegans! 🙂

The classes cater for all levels of cooks, so whether you are already a master chef or simply looking to start, the classes will have something for you!

The vegan course aims to combine taste with healthy, planet & environmentally friendly dishes. The course is also aimed at the reductionists, who are meat-eaters looking to reduce the amount of meat they are consuming due to varying factors of health, animals, and environment (we are all for it!).

Here’s a little of what they had to say about their online vegan course:

“Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asian vegan cooking at home through our online cooking course. We connect you with expert chefs, to teach you the fundamental skills to cook these amazing Asian vegan dishes at home.”

We thought we would unpack it a little further, so please see details below on just what will be included in the digital vegan classes.

Rundown of what we can expect


For this plant-based cooking workshop, we will be utilising recipes from a number of different Asian cultures, with a focus on cooking traditions created to support a plant-based diet. Whether from the Sattvic vitality increasing diet of India or Buddhist temple foods from Korean and Japan, we will be showing you both nutritious and tasty dishes from a variety of cultures that have been creating plant-based foods for centuries. Vegan food doesn’t have to be the drab, flavourless, meat imitating concoctions we are used to seeing in pop culture and the mainstream. Looking to cultures with a rich history in plant-based cooking, we have crafted this cooking class with a coexisting balance between taste and what is healthy for the body, mind and planet.

The course will run instructions through 20 recipes. We will discuss how to plan plant-based meals at home and the overriding philosophies, both nutritional and mindful, underpinning Asian traditions of vegan cooking. We will also be showing you how to organise you and stock your kitchen, to make crafting excellent plant-based meals an easy and enjoyable experience. This class is suitable for people who want to enhance their home cooking skills with new techniques or for professional or aspiring chefs who are looking to enhance their plant-based repertoire. Given the intensity of this course, it would be limited to a small number of guests per online session.

We will be running live session in January-May-September.


What is involved in the format of the course?

  • Access to unique,  authentic recipes from Asia
  • Selection of interactive media and informative structures
  • Round-the-clock support from professional chefs
  • Weekly roadcast live cooking demonstrations
  • Community Q&A with professional chefs

What you will learn & gain from the course

  • Fundamental and traditional cooking skills used for the production of alternative proteins, including soy milk, tofu, and seitan.
  • How to meal plan and create delicious and nutrient-dense plant-based meals
  • How to shop for and source nutritional and ecologically friendly products
  • How to eat and shop seasonally
  • Techniques and skills for unlocking ingredients’ natural flavourful essence
  • An enjoyable cooking, eating, and social experience

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