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What some vegans ate this week

What some vegans ate this week.

In this feature, we are kicking off a new series that we plan to run each week called ‘What some vegans eat in a week’. The segment as you can probably imagine will be taking a closer look at what vegans from around the world are eating, baking and making during the week. We plan to feature a good cross-section of vegan and plant-based individuals, from the health nut smoothie bowlers to the brownie baking vegan junk-food heads. As with everything we do, we encourage your feedback. If you are a vegan or know a vegan that you think we should be featured, please let us know in the comments below or email us at hey@letsgvegan.com.au

Now let’s take a look at what some vegans at this week 🙂


What I eat in a day as a VEGAN Pro Surfer with Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone


What We Ate Today: Vegan Breastfeeding Mom & Plant-based Toddler with EatMoveRest


What I eat in a Week! (Vegan & Realistic) with Mina Rome


EASY VEGAN SNACKS! (sweet, savory and everything in between) with Sophia Esperanza


WHAT I ATE TODAY | FIRE VEGAN MEALS 🔥 | Summer Edition with ‘Healthy Crazy Cool’


Day in the life of a vegan pro-surfer (surfing, yoga, what I eat) with Tia Blanco


What I Eat On A Rainy Day In My New Home: Vegan with What’s Good, Berto?


Final Thoughts

So what did you think of our first official What vegans ate this week segment? If you enjoyed the format, be sure to check out previous videos under What I Eat In A Day Here.

Otherwise, we hope you got some ideas & tips to take into your week of vegan cooking!

Until next time.


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