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Where do vegans get B12 from? Michael Klaper M.D

Where do vegans get B12 from? Michael Klaper M.D

Where do vegans get B12 from?

Dr. Michael Klaper is a well-respected physician who wholeheartedly advocates for a healthy vegan diet. His work has been featured widely and many will know him from both the Cowspiracy and What The Health documentaries on Netflix. Klaper wears many hats within the vegan space as a physician, vegan health educator, and conference and event speaker, and author of articles and books of vegan medical advice.

Dr. Michael Klaper discusses why we need b12, where we can get it, and how much of it we need for optimum health.

Klaper suggests that it is no longer practical to obtain the optimal amount through soil as we once did many years ago and so as vegans, supplementing this particular vitamin is incredibly important.

Watch below to find out more about everything there is to know about vitamin b12!

Video description: Dr. Klaper discusses the importance of taking Vitamin B12, dosage level and why it’s critically important to supplement on a vegan diet. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient made by microbes in the soil that supports brain function and other critical body functions. 

Final Thoughts 

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