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Will I lose muscle if I go vegan?

Will I lose muscle if I go vegan?

Losing muscles and gaining muscle while eating a vegan diet, which one is more likely to happen?

The truth is both or neither, it depends on the level of training, nutrition, and commitment on your part.

Traditionally people have thought of vegetarians and vegans as weak, pale and lacking in energy (the old stereotype). Whilst there may be some in this category, the vast majority are healthy in weight and energy.

So the question becomes, can you stay strong, healthy and fit on a vegan diet, and the answer is an absolute yes!

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the Game Changers on Netflix, go now and watch it!
Secondly, if you’re questioning what you’ve just watched, go and listen to Joe Rogan speak to the producer of The Game Changers James Wilks. Joe Rogan and Chris Kresser ‘try’ to debunk the movie and the educated and calm Wilks’ holds his own and does the vegan movement proud!

So, do you lose muscle on a vegan diet and can/how do you gain muscle? Here are some quick videos from the pros that will help you find the answers.

Let’s start with Nimai Delgado. He is a bodybuilder and a vegan. He has never eaten meat in his entire life, not once! Nimai defies the critics of the movement and shows that being a vegan can certainly help to build muscle & tone. Be sure to reference Nimai when being told that vegans can’t gain muscle next time you are with a naysayer!

You can follow Niami on Instagram and on YouTube

Next up is vegan and fitness expert Stefanie Moir.

High protein meal prep ideas from Gaz Oakley.

Simnett Nutrition

Derek is a healthy vegan and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Take a little look at what he eats on an average vegan day.

And finally Jon Venus, another vegan bodybuilder who proves that you don’t need meat to make muscle.

What did you think of these guys? If you have someone who also shows just how much muscle you can create and keep on the vegan diet, we’d love to feature them. Please share in the comments below.


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