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Australian Vegans Journal Vol 4 is out now!

Australian Vegans Journal Vol 4 is out now!

Australian Vegans Journal is an independent, vegan publication with articles written by vegans from across Australia and around the world!


This week, their campaign on Kickstarter for the Australian Vegans Journal vol. 4 is set to launch here in Australia. The focus is on spreading the joys of vegan living and the critical importance of ethical leadership.

In this volume, Australian Vegans Journal explores vegan food, facts, fun and ethical leadership. There are so many articles for you to experience, including Q+A interviews with many vegan leaders in the Australian vegan landscape and abroad including the cover ambassador and feature interviewee: The Hon. Emma Hurst MP.

You’ll also find insightful articles about vegan living and living mindfully, plus delectable recipes from innovative vegan food creators and vegan product reviews.

Editor and creator Kathy Divine chose to use Kickstarter due to the size of the community on the platform and thus the potential reach it has for sharing the vegan message.
On the cover of the 4th edition of the journal is The Hon. Emma Hurst MLC, NSW parliament member from the Animal Justice Party. Editor Kathy Divine said of this months issue:

“Lots has changed in the world since we last published a journal, but what has not changed is our focus on sharing the joys of vegan living and our commitment to saving the lives of animals. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we support the vegan community so they can be strong in their resolve to continue their vegan advocacy and activism.

This journal is also perfect for someone who is new to veganism as we have traditional recipes that have been veganised, a vegan nutrition 101 article with all the basics covered plus loads more. The journal makes a great gift for the vegan curious people in your lives. After reading the journal, they can then go to our website and read the back issues and join us on Facebook and Instagram for support and more content. There’s also a lot of blog interviews and articles we have planned for this year that will further support your journey and those of your pre-vegan friends and family members.”

Ready to support the publication?

If you would like to read about a whole host of amazing vegans, including ourselves (yes we were interviewed in this latest edition) then be sure to visit the link below and explore all that this magazine has to offer.
Print copies of Australian Vegans Journal vol. 4 are available to purchase from our Kickstarter page below.  They are great for gifting to libraries, community centres and schools, and pretty much any places humans can be found.
Here is the link to the campaign that launches today.




Here is why the magazine exists according to Kathy

1. Share. We will be sharing information about effective vegan advocacy campaigns that have come from individuals and organisations from across Australia and beyond. We are looking to interview and receive reports from Aussies everywhere doing good vegan work.

2. Collaborate. For a more powerful and sustained effect, we will be collaborating with vegan organisations, businesses and individuals to create a magazine that brings the nation’s vegan strength together all in one place.

3. Inspire. We aim to publish high-quality content with beautiful designs to inspire vegans across the country to become active in spreading the vegan message.

4. Support. A significant section of the magazine is reserved for self-care. Being an animal activist and an everyday vegan has its challenges. We will bring you the experts in self care so you have the tools you need to keep your life balanced and have the strength and energy to keep on being your most effective for animals.

Final Thoughts

We were thrilled to be a part of the most recent magazine and urge anyone interested in supporting a fantastic Australian business to go and check out the Kickstarter page here.

Alternatively, to read up on previous versions of the magazine click here.

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