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Best Vegan in Adelaide by Kelly of Vegan Option Adelaide

Best Vegan in Adelaide by Kelly of Vegan Option Adelaide

In this latest feature, we are chatting with Kelly from Instagram account @veganoptionadelaide about all things vegan in Adelaide!

We wanted to find out a little more about Kelly, her account and where she likes to venture in Adelaide to find the best vegan food!

Enjoy the chat and recommendations.


How long have you been vegan?

I was vegetarian for a year and then have been vegan for over two years now.

What inspired your vegan journey?

I started to get to know a few vegetarians/vegans and I realised that my values and morals were not aligning to my actions. I loved animals and didn’t want to see them harmed but at the same time ate them and supported an industry that killed them.

What are some tips you would give to new vegans/ someone considering a vegan lifestyle?

Be gentle on yourself and just try your best. With so many great products and eating out options, now is the time to give it a go!

What is your favourite vegan product? 

Soo many to choose from. I am pregnant at the moment and my big craving is vegan Fruchocs! I have also been loving the new vegan ham from Meliora.

Who is a vegan creator that inspires you? 

I’m not a great cook but have picked up some great recipe ideas from Rainbow Plant Life and she is just a lovely person. My go-to person for more educational-style content is Ed Winters.


Adelaide Vegan Eats


Kayalz Kitchen

Kayalz don’t have a dine in location, they cook everything by from their home kitchen so you can do delivery or pick up, but I am totally addicted to their 100% plant based Lebanese food! It’s so full of flavour and the mock meats they create are out of this world.

Cherry Darlings

This is always a go to of mine as it’s affordable and they are completely vegan, so you have all the options! They create some of the most delicious flavours of pies with a huge range as well as other savoury goods and heaps of different sweet treats like donuts, cookies, cupcakes etc. They also have a really fun 80s/90s vibe in their cafe!

Staazi and Co

If anyone interstate wants a recommendation this is always the first thing I think of. They are at legendary status for good reason, their yiros is more delicious than any I have ever had before, even before I was vegan!


Not an entirely vegan establishment but they have a completely separate plant based menu full of amazing Korean dishes. They do the best Korean fried chikn in all of Adelaide!

Sonny’s Pizza

We have some really amazing options for pizza in Adelaide, but I always find myself drooling over a Sonny’s pizza! This is another not entirely vegan establishment but all their social media promotion is of their vegan range that they are passionate about, and they have perfected a vegan cheese for their pizzas better than anywhere else!

Final Notes

Shout out to Lucky Ducks too – they are a bit further away in Aldinga but completely plant-based and really unique and impressive dishes on their menu, as well as an amazing vibe and dine in area for food and drinks! Also shout out to Crux, Square 44, V-Spot Diner, Two-Bit Villians, Vista Pizzeria and Zenhouse, haha so many good options!

Kelly – Adelaide Vegan Option


Our Final Thoughts

Kelly, thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing vegan recommendations for those in Adelaide or those thinking of visiting! They will have no shortage of amazing vegan food options to choose from.

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