PETA’s list of young activists we should be following

PETA’s list of young activists we should be following

PETA’s list of young activists we should be following.

With the attention and hype around the climate demonstrations and the now-iconic speech of climate activist Greta Thunberg, we wanted to take a look at some of the other incredible young people standing up for what they believe in. PETA recently listed 7 activists that we should be following and we thought we would take a look at them and the important messages they are putting out.

Genesis Butler

Genesis is an animal rights activist and ethical vegan who went vegan on her own at the age of 6 after discovering the milk she was drinking came from mother cows.

Genesis has earned numerous awards for her activism including Animal Hero Kids’ Sir Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate award, Vegan Kid of the Year award from Vegans Are Cool, PETA’s Youth Activist of the Year, and the Lisa Shapiro Youth Activist award.

Zoe Rosenberg

Zoe is a 17-year-old animal liberationist and founder of Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in California.

Angelina Poli

Angelina Poli is a young vegan activist who along with the support of her mother attends rallies and talks to the public about the plight of the animals.

Natalie (@veganteenager)

Jenna Hirth
Jenna is a 19 yr old animal liberation activist.

Hudson Tarlow 

Hudson is a 17-year-old animal activist and video editor for Anonymous For The Voiceless.

Josephine and Franny.

Josephine is a 13-year-old animal activist and Franny a rescue pig! Together they are showing the world the other side that we don’t see of these beautiful animals.

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