Thomas King of Food Frontier talks to the ABC

Thomas King of Food Frontier talks to the ABC

Thomas King is the founder and chairman of Food Frontier an independent think tank focusses on the future of food systems in Australia & New Zealand. Food Frontier is Australia and New Zealand’s independent think tank and expert advisor on alternative proteins, and a registered DGR1 not-for-profit.

Their work is driven by a dynamic team of talented staff, fellows and volunteers, and valued board directors and advisors, all committed to diversifying protein supply for the good of people and the planet.

In this chat with Courtney Act Thoms talks about working within the food system in order to change it rather than as he describes it “shouting into a void”. He also discusses his thoughts on plant-based meat and cellular meat as a solution to our huge desire and demand for meat products.

Food systems transformation is clearly his (and Food Frontiers) passion and the chat is a great insight into his journey from teen activist to know environmental advocate here in Australia.

Take a look at the chat below:


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