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Pulled Oats are hitting Australian shelves

Pulled Oats are hitting Australian shelves

Fresh into Woolworths last week was a new product to hit the vegan market, Pulled Oats.

Pulled Oats is a plant-based game-changer that has a taste and texture similar to that of pulled pork (Taco Bell even added it to its menu in the UK).

The product is from Gold&Green Foods based in Finland (the happiest country in the world) and is now gracing us here in Australia.

Pulled Oats is a revolutionary oat-based plant protein food that has swept across Europe and America (literally flying off the shelves) and is now set to become an Australian mealtimes staple.

The products include the following:

  • Nordic oats – one of the world’s most ecological crops
  • Faba bean
  • Pea protein
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Spices

This combination of ingredients makes Pulled Oats recognisable for its high protein quality and quantity (30g/100g) – offering great nutritional value with more protein than beef and chicken – making it a healthy and planet-friendly food without compromising taste!

We are sold!

Now let’s take a little look at the product in action and just some of the ways it can be used in your everyday cooking!


Final Thoughts

What’s great to see is that this product is hitting a market that we could now say is thriving and overflowing with options and choices.

The product will be joining the ranks of brands such as Fable Food co, V2Foods, Meet, Fry’s, and many more in the plant-based meat category. Here at Let’s Go Vegan, we couldn’t be happier to see the shelves overflowing with quality plant-based meat options and now we have one more to throw in the basket!

We would love to hear from anyone who has tried the product and look forward to seeing it thrive down under! Be sure to visit your local Woolworths if you haven’t already tried it!

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