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Vegan Australia Certified Protein Powder by INC Sports Nutrition

Vegan Australia Certified Protein Powder by INC Sports Nutrition

Vegan Australia Certified Protein Powder by INC Sports Nutrition

*This article was written in partnership with INC Sports Nutrition


Vegan Australia Certified Protein Powder by INC Sports Nutrition.

This protein is Vegan Australia Certified & endorsed by AFLW superstar Erin Phillips.

Here’s a little more about the range and it’s benefits for anyone looking for a plant-based protein powder.


When it comes to health and fitness, one of the biggest challenges for vegans is disputing the age-old myth that you can’t build muscle or optimum health on a vegan / plant-based diet. What’s funny is that only a few weeks ago Novak Djokovic faced off against Australian Nick Kyrgios in the final of Wimbledon, the pinnacle tournament of their sport, both as vegan eating athletes. Novak especially is widely considered an absolute freak in terms of his fitness and stamina, thanks entirely he says to the removal of animal products from his diet a number of years ago.

So there is certainly no doubting the power of plant power and plant protein as it relates to elite performance.

So when you find a product that is certified by the Vegan body in Australia, Vegan Australia and is also endorsed by AFLW superstar Erin Phillips, you take note!

Enter INC Sports plant-based range. INC Sports Nutrition is an Australian-owned company that truly understands the science of sports nutrition. Not only that they now have a range called Plant Protein which is a 100% plant-based formula.

According to their research and development, the range helps support muscle growth, recovery, and repair AND it tastes GREAT. No chalkiness here ( the team recently did an extensive taste test!).

The fact that the range is Vegan Australian certified means that it’s safe for plant-based and vegan athletes to use and it’s been through all of the rigorous tests to ensure no animal products are in the mix. 

The range has 3 flavours – Chocolate, Berry, and Vanilla!



Our Thoughts

The team here at Let’s Go Vegan! HQ got the chance to taste-tested the product to ensure it lived up to the hype. We can now safely say that it certainly did, with vanilla especially getting a big tick of approval from the team.

As mentioned even with water rather than plant milk it doesn’t have that chalkiness that you can find with some protein powder brands. It’s nice and creamy and sweet with all of the essential elements needed to make it a high-performance product at the same time.

We loved it and whilst it’s unlikely any of us will be running out to play elite football after this, our recovery is set to get a whole lot easier, and tastier for that matter too!

So if you have been looking for a new protein powder or perhaps you are new to the protein powder world, we can highly recommend giving this one a try!

And if you are looking for a great recipe to use the product with, take a look here at our Protein Chocolate Mousse recipe.


Where to buy

Available online here


Final Thoughts

If you have been looking at boosting your protein intake as part of a healthy vegan / plant-based diet then be sure to check out the INC Sports Nutrition Range!

To get more information on vegan nutrition in general, be sure to check out our nutrition page too for plenty of help and advice.


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