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Vegan Snacks for an Aussie Roadtrip

Vegan Snacks for an Aussie Roadtrip

Vegan snacks for an Aussie Roadtrip.

When heading off into the great outdoors there is one thing you do not want to get wrong, and that are the road trip snacks! But as a vegan, you may be feeling like you will be stuck eating a lousy roadside salad filled with lettuce, tomato, and well more lettuce! This is now no longer the case, with more and more options, you are in luck because whilst the world seems to be in constant meltdown, the vegan fast food and snack situation has never been better!

So if you haven’t packed enough snacks for a road trip and you’re craving a quick treat to quench the road trip cravings, never fear vegan snacks are near!

Here are just some of the snacks you can be guaranteed are vegan and take note to look out for these options whilst out on the road in Australia.

Vegan at ‘7 Eleven’


We have written extensively on the fast-food outlet but we will say it again, 7 Eleven is now Vegan heaven! They have slowly been releasing amazing new vegan products including soy coffee at selected outlets for only $1. What’s not to love about that?!

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