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What 5 quarantined vegans are eating this week

What 5 quarantined vegans are eating this week

What 5 quarantined vegans are eating this week.

As restrictions are slowly beginning to ease for many parts of the world, we are beginning to be able to see and socialise with people once again.

Whilst this is great, most of us are still working and living at home which means for some big cook ups and for others’ conscious healthy meals.

As we thought about this decided to scour the web and take a look at a few vegans, and what they are eating in a given day.

Some health focussed, others not so much! Either way whatever your vegan style is we hope you will find something in these videos to help you with your ‘at home vegan game’

So here’s a look at what 5 quarantined vegans are eating this week:

Meg Johnson

Meg shares on her website & Youtube channel everything about living a conscious lifestyle: veganism, spirituality, thrifting, meditation, and more!


Where I Live

Where I live aka Jenny has a Youtube channel focussed on her passion for lower-impact living, fashion + plant-based eats.

Jaclyn Forbes

Forbes is a professional makeup artist turned full-time YouTuber from Toronto, Canada. She eats plant-based and shares a day in the life of a quarantined vegan.



On her channel everything from dogs to vegan food, to making people laugh! She also shared vegan tips and recipes.


Abetweene provides vegan comfort food from Youtuber Ariane!

Hopefully, this little glimpse inside the lives of 5 quarantined vegans can help you with all your cook-ups this week. From healthy juices to vegan desserts, there are so many ways to vegan. If you would like to share what you eat in a day or week, we would love to hear from you. Reach us at hey@letsgovegan.com.au today.

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